Jamaican Street Food in Kingston!! ????SPICY CRAB POT + Jerk Pan Chicken in Jamaica ????????

KINGSTON, JAMAICA – I’ve wanted to visit Jamaica for a long time, from the famous jerk and curries, to the unique mix of culture, and reggae music – I was thrilled to finally have a chance to go. And 10 days in Jamaica didn’t let me know – the food, amazing people, and adventure we had on this island were unforgettable. Stay tuned for a full Jamaican food and travel video series throughout this gorgeous Caribbean island.

We begin this trip with a Jamaican street food tour in Kingston, the largest city in Jamaica, and a great place to explore and get a feel of city life, and a mix of cultures represented in Jamaica.

Coronation Market – As one of the biggest outdoor food markets in Jamaica and the Caribbean, you can be assured, Coronation Market is a bustling, colorful, paradise of fruits and vegetables. You’ll find everything you need here to make Jamaican food – from Scotch bonnet chilies to ackee. It’s fantastic. On the way out of the market, we found a man selling soup – Jamaican bean soup with cow skin, and pumpkin soup with chicken feet. It was spectacular. Soup – 120 JMD ($0.88) per bowl

National Heroes Circle – Alice Stall – Next up on this Jamaican street food tour, we headed to National Heroes Circle, known for its street food stalls that sell spicy crabs, soups, and corn. The crab was delicious, simmered with thyme and scotch bonnet chilies. The corn was served with chunks of mature coconut, an amazing combination. And finally Alice, makes some amazing pumpkin soup, full of chicken feet and organs – don’t miss it in Kingston. Crab and everything – 2,600 JMD for everyone – there were about 8 of us.

Ibo Spice Portal – This was an unplanned spot on this food tour – we found it and decided to go check it out. Turned out to be an amazing experience. So Ital food, comes from the world Vital, which is typically a Rastafari way to eat – typically vegetarian, focusing on natural and local ingredients. Ibo Spice Portal is a small Rasta community yard where they always have food cooking and juices brewing. It’s friendly, relaxed, artistic, and the food is delicious. We all enjoyed the mix of vegetarian food, served in a calabash. Also, the guava soursop juice was one of the best I’ve ever had. Ital vegan food – 700 JMD ($5.12) per bowl

Jerk Pan Chicken – Red Hills Road – Finally to finish this Jamaican street food tour of Kingston, we had to eat jerk pan chicken, a staple street food of Jamaica, and something so tasty, you can’t resist. Red Hills Road is the famous pan chicken spot in Kingston and vendors line the road with the barrel grills. The chicken is grilled, slathered in sauce, and topped with bread. Pan chicken – 500 JMD ($3.66) per pack


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