$54K/Month Food Truck Business (What Did It Cost to Start?)

More than 60% of food trucks fail in their first 3 years. Aybla Grill is one that bucks this trend, growing steadily since they opened in 2004. In today’s interview, we’ll talk to the owner about how to start a food truck business that lasts.

Saied Samaiel moved to the United States from Greece in 2001 with formal chef training and a dream to own his own business. When he opened Aybla Grill, it was one of the first 10 food truck businesses in the Portland metro area. Today, they have 3 trucks bringing in an average revenue of more than $50K each month, a massive growth from the $20K Saied started the company with.

Today, we’ll hear all Saied’s advice on starting a food truck business that can stand the test of time. He’ll share how he invested his start-up funds to set his first food truck up for success, and how he built a customer base as one of the first food trucks in his city.

We’ll also find out when and why he added his second and third truck, his systems and processes for managing multiple food trucks, and what extra challenges come along with expanding a food truck business.

Finding reliable employees is a challenge for any food business, and especially so in the current labor market. We’ll get Saied’s advice for finding and hiring workers, along with his tips on marketing, scaling, leadership, and all the other behind the scenes work that goes into running a successful business.

This interview is a must-watch if you want to open your own food truck, and anyone in the restaurant industry will learn a lot from Saied’s story! You can learn more about Aybla Grill online at https://ayblagrill.com/.


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