BREAKING: 6ix9ine Serves Jim Jones To The Feds To Be Indicted?

6ix9ine still has a Bone To Pick with Dipset’s Jim Jones.

The Harlem rapper Jim Jones celebrates the success of Dipset’s Verzuz with The LOX. 6ix9ine, a rainbow-haired rapper, has been a fixture on Clubhouse. He mentioned that Jones was “running alongside” the same people that Tekashi had befriended. Before naming names of his mutual friends, including many Nine Trey, the rapper claimed that Jones didn’t take care of any of them.

6ix9ine said, “Let’s get this off.” Let me take this off of my shoulders. Jim Jones right? He ran with the same N*** he ran with a decade ago before I met them. Jim Jones? Dipset? Verzuz’s nigga, who was dancing and singing! He ran with Mel Matrix and Shotti… he ran alongside all the n**** I ran along and was indicted! Jim Jones did what? He did nothin’ for any of them ***!”

He said, “On top, Jim Jones was wiretapped on my case telling Mel Matrix, the big homie, to get rid of me security. They don’t have any license to carry weapons… What do you do? You can see the wiretap of conspiracy in attempt to commit murder. Is that why this n*** is not in jail?

Jamel Jones was Mel Matrix (real name Jamel Jones) who rapped as Jones in the Purple City Byrd Gang. After pleading guilty, he was sentenced for 11 years in prison. Kifano “Shotti” Jordan once served as 6ix9ine’s manager and was sentenced to 15 years in prison after pleading guilty to similar charges. Roland “Ro Murda” Martin was sentenced for robbing 6ix9ine’s rival in 2018 and other related charges. Is 6ix9ine Right?


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