BREAKING: Dr Dre’s Family Fears The Worst For Dr Dre!!

AT least one member of Dr Dre’s family reportedly suspects he may have been “poisoned” before he suffered a brain aneurysm. The rapper, 55, “is still in intensive care” a week after being hospitalized – and the cause of his medical scare remains a mystery. An anonymous relative of Dr. Dre has reportedly come forward with the claim that the musician was poisoned, causing him to be rushed to the hospital after he suffered a brain aneurysm. The music mogul is “still in intensive care” after he had suffered the health last week. While it was reported that he was doing well, doctors have yet to understand why the otherwise healthy 55-year-old suffered the major health scare. They will reportedly continue to monitor him and run tests. However, a family member is convinced that there was some foul play at hand and in turn wants to launch an investigation. The source reportedly told MTO news that “something is definitely off” about the musician’s sudden drop in health and added that there are people that are “jealous” of him, whom could potentially have a motive. Dre’s family member told MTO News that the music mogul was previously healthy and reportedly believes he could have taken an anti-coagulant [rat poison]. When someone ingests rat poison or even smells it, they can suffer symptoms similar to an aneurysm or a stroke. The relative claimed to MTO that “people were jealous” of Dre and she wants an investigation of everyone around him. “[Dre] is very healthy, he works out multiple times a week, goes to the doctor, and stays on top of everything. Something is definitely off about this.” she told the site.


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