Dame Dash Interview with Tony The Closer

Entrepreneur and hip-hop mogul Dame Dash sits down with Tony The Closer in this episode on pain, love, and enjoying life regardless of both.
Outspoken, respected by many, and often misunderstood, tune in as Dame Dash shares why he will never stop questioning authority, what he considers his biggest accomplishments, and his advice for young entrepreneurs trying to reach the heights he has conquered.
– Understanding pain as a gift and a curse
– Has the community blackballed Dame Dash?
– Thinking and creating beyond your environment
– What is Dame Dash’s proudest accomplishment?
– “You don’t deserve a queen unless you’re a slave for a queen.”
– Are NFTs racist? And are they really about art or money?
– The legacy Dame Dash hopes to leave behind
“It’s funny how pain is the one thing that teaches people if they’re smart enough to learn from it. The trick is to try to learn and appreciate things without pain.”
“You can’t expect somebody to be strong if you ain’t acting strong. You can’t have any expectation of anyone doing anything that you are not yourself doing or leading by example to do.”
“The only way to do whatever you want in your own house is to buy the house.”


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