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Mt. WESTMORE Debut performance at the 2021 Fight club:

Featuring members: Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube, E-40, Too $hort

The concerts alone make these fight nights!

With performances preceding of Ice Cubes “It was a good day”, “You can do it” and Snoop Doggs “Gin and Juice” “Drop it like it’s hot” and his new music “C.E.O” from his new album on 4/20

Triller has announced the lineup for their forthcoming 2021 Fight Club event – and it will include the live debut of Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube, Too $hort and E-40’s Hip Hop supergroup, Mt. Westmore.

Regarding Mount Westmore:

“Long story short man, we made a lot of songs,” he said. “And it really definite of what it’s gonna be but it’s gonna be something — it’s just a lot of songs. There is no [group] name. We just some OGs; everybody got studios, and facilities and rap beats … it’s something like I feel we’re doing this for Hip Hop. And we I said that … you could be doing it for the bag. Nobody don’t need the bag!” -$hort

The four-hour Pay-Per-View affair will go down on April 17 and include performances from Doja Cat, Saweetie, Justin Bieber, The Black Keys, Diplo and Major Lazer. On Friday (March 19), Triller will release their PRBLM CHILD series to lead into the event, which will chronicle YouTuber Jake Paul’s training for the big fight against Ben Askren and feature appearances from Snoop, boxing legends Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield and more


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