T-Pain Exposes The Music Industry Secret

T-Pain Exposes The Music Industry Secret

When I first started making music, I wanted to be signed because that seemed like the most realistic way to accomplish all of my dreams at once.

I could make music when I wanted.

I could gain fans because I was being marketed by the label.

I could build a brand because the label would be promoting me in different arenas.

And I’ll get paid.

Yea, right.

They shit aint happening unless I would’ve had leverage.

Only way I have leverage is by selling music on my own and making money.

If I can make great money on my own, wtf I need a label for?

That’s why I’m independent.

Labels have talked to me about deals.

Everything was bullshit and predicated on images.

Crap PR stories filled with lies.

Like @tpain and his wife are saying in this clip.

Labels sell dreams.

Independent artists sell reality.

Do you wanna make your dreams a reality?

Take your career in your own hands.

I wanna know


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